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Prolific is a company residing in Londerzeel. We support residential, retail and industrial infrastructures in their electrical needs. Feel free to scroll down and find out more about our company and on how to reach us.


We can provide standard electrical support and maintenance tasks as wel as the design and construction of new domestic and industrial electrical installations.


Automating residential buildings, apartments, retail stores or industrial sites. Feel free to contact us with your needs.


Custom electrical or electronic ingeneering according to your specifications at affordable costs while maintaining the highest possible quality.

What we do

We are here to deliver services and products that meet and exceed our client's expectations.


We can provide you with lighting fixtures and bulbs according to your needs.


Technical drawings are always part of any electrical installation. We can provide you with updated or new schematics according to the european standard.


Rewiring of obsolete ellectrical installations both residential and industrial.

Door communication

Were it a simple push button doorbell or a 12 floor appartement building intercom.

Home and building automation

Automating your home and building while providing safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Maintenance and repair

Both skilled and professional electrical engineers will perform the necessary tasks in order to get your electrical installation working again.

Smart metering

Monitoring of electricity, water and gas usage give you the right tools for saving money and keeping your ecological footprint to a minimum

Remote sensoring

We can provide you with remote sensoring networks for environmental or agricultural monitoring. Contact us for more information on the possibilities.